Project Review

How to grow from 200k to 2.4M and from there to 4.8M without having finished.

Who are you to plan a global rollout of a CRM solution for 200’000 Dollars when you have to:

  • include way more than 7 scoped EU countries (with their respective regulatory policies), such as: Guernsey, Ireland, Israel, Uruguay, Hong Kong, Singapore, Monaco, Austria… and so on
  • satisfy the needs and requirements of “booking centers” vs. “advisory offices” and about 2’000 new users in 8 different and new groups
  • integrate established staff with their customers and “M&A”-ed staff and their (to-be-integrated) customers
  • satisfy different language requirements, at least during requirements gathering (6 languages in minimum: english, german, french, italian, spanish, portuges, chinese, …)
  • migrate existing data from at least 5 countries that account for at least 40% of customer data
  • integrate existing data from the rest (about 60%) of unknown systems and structures

and have exactly 30 days to complete?

Impossible? That is not enough to describe the quest. “Crazy”, “hilarious” were other words we heard – after the quest was started…