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IT Architecture – schwierig oder notwendig?

Natürlich ist die Hürde hoch, wenn es darum geht, einmal besprochene IT Architekturen zu verändern. Aber was, wenn die vorgesehene Architektur – trotz aller genehmigten Plänen – gar nicht dem entspricht, was die Geschäftsleitung wünscht? Wenn plötzlich “die Cloud” eine prominente Rolle einnimmt, obwohl sogar die IT-Leitung solche “Abenteuer” wegen der heiklen Datenlage von Anfang an […]

Stabilize Your Internet

So, you have a very specialized user base spread all over the globe. Good Internet Infrastructure is what you are used to have on your side of the Cloud. Varying infrastructure quality is what most of your thousands of users might have at best at the other end of your wires. And you know that […]

Project Review

How to grow from 200k to 2.4M and from there to 4.8M without having finished. Who are you to plan a global rollout of a CRM solution for 200’000 Dollars when you have to: include way more than 7 scoped EU countries (with their respective regulatory policies), such as: Guernsey, Ireland, Israel, Uruguay, Hong Kong, […]

Managed Permissions

So, you have your templates ready and you want to allow your colleagues to collaborate finally. With the planned rollout of SharePoint your old DMS should be phased out, and the documents will be migrated from the old DMS to SharePoint. Users should answer just a few simple questions using your existing “Internal Request Management System” […]