Stabilize Your Internet

So, you have a very specialized user base spread all over the globe.

Good Internet Infrastructure is what you are used to have on your side of the Cloud. Varying infrastructure quality is what most of your thousands of users might have at best at the other end of your wires. And you know that you have quite some homework to do to even start enabling mobile capabilities. Last time you spent a serious brush-up to the user interface of your main applications was already a few years ago.

Sounds familiar? And you still keep on asking yourself why your user base has not been growing recently? Why your back-office has to handle ever increasing workloads by phone – instead of decreasing cost, and getting more bang for any buck you have already spent on your on-line and self-service capabilities?

By having ceased maintaining your user interface 6 years ago, you just lost at least 18 years, or nearly one generation of man-kind compared to your competitors. Could you accept that technology on the internet is in fact moving at least three times as fast than the time in real life? “Generation Y” is just out of your reach by now. It is like you were still offering only double-horse coach trips for your customers, while the clients of your competition are already used to travel by plane.

Together with you we will set-up projects that take care of all the aspects related to rejuvenating your Internet offering. Besides all those technical aspects, features and functions, there are a lot more areas to be handled seriously, like: how do you keep your user base informed about the change? How do you organize your internal staff to transition “from old to new”? We are happy to help you with reaching the next step of “Internet maturity” and enable your organization to manage a holistic lifecycle that is compatible with the Internet.

It is about time to talk to the Projektflüsterei to capitalize on domain expertise and broad knowledge on how to move forward fast, using technology and processes effectively, to align with your staff and management rather today than tomorrow. More bang for the buck! Now!

Wanna fly planes instead of riding horses?